Monday, June 1, 2009


SUMMER wain bitsafroun this summer ??

well for me im going to Cannes !! AAAHH THE TANN MO SIJ THERE..nice bronzish golden brown ! wanasa :p..but dont worry ill post from there..ill be leaving next thursdaay :( im gonna miss kuwait (ok maybe just a little bit (A) )

hope pt.27

THATS THE ONE...THE ONE THAT HUGGED AZIZ AT SUGAR & SPICE !!...AAHH latgarib yame la i9eer shay ! im so mad right now!, She came up to me ib kil thiqa o ig3adat..na3am?

the person*ma a3arif isimha* - hala jawa..ma3ach shoug il flanii

way3aaa !! malat 3alaiich..o lich wayh itkalmeeny o u saw me see you one you hugged aziz..GGRRRR..ok im angry very angry..i decided to say something.

me: hala shoug..5air shba8aitay you "prove" to me?

shoug: wala madre wain abde ya jawa..

me: shdarach ina ismy jawa?

shoug: 3azozy..aah 8a9de 3aziz gale

3AZOZY? 3AZOOOZY !? ok ok..mashiii



ok al7een its time to nil3ab 3alaiiha..la2na ive got msgs min maloot awaal when me and aziz where a couple ..and i had a picture that me and aziz where bunji jumping and he was holding me so tight..HAH..burn jawa burn. In ma 5athaiit aziz miniich ma akoun ana shoug..NO ONE EVER DUMPS ME..EVER!



shfeeha jawa ma radat 3ala my msgs..laykoun nayma bs..7abebty walaa noum il 3awafi..i decided to call 7amoud..wala minzioman 3anaah..

calling bu jassim:


7amood: hehehe bs asti7ii *in a female voice*

me: HAHAHHA allah ikhiis ibleesik !!

7amood: 5oo inta ily ga3ed itdali3ne :p

me: la2ne a7ibiik o walhan 3aliik.

7amood: kaaaak !bs bss la7ad yisma3na yam3awaad ifakroon 8alaa6.

me: hahaha inzaain wainiik !?

7amood: wala bilbaiit.

me: haa ni6la3 nakilina shay o ba3dain cinema?

7amood: ok ok..yala starbucks 3adailiya?..mishtihy chicken cezer wrap.

me: oo55 ee ee yala..thilth sa3a wakoun 3indikk.

7amood: yala mashii..famanillaa.


ashwa bs ina its fathe hal 7aza..shoug faj2a pulled out her mobile and a small envilope..shbitsawe hathe??

shoug: hathooul the msges ily from 3azozy..aah i mean 3aziz..it3arfeen ba3ad mit3awdeen indal3a hehe

MALAAT 3ALAIICH O 3ALA WAYHIICH !! she gave me her phone..wila imsawya a folder called..3azoozy..ok im getting really anoyyed lama itsame 3azozy ! :@

msg1: 9abaaaa7 il 5air bilshoug kila ya 3umri:*

msg2: yala 7abeebty ill meat you at our special place at 6

msg3: tara bakliich..:*

msg4: min 3youni...lo ta6libeen 3youni ana 7athiir:*

msg5: i love you:*

min youm ma i read i love adre sh9ar feeny !! il mobile 6a7 miny oo gumt aziz would do this..he promised me that he'll never do anything to hurt me..but little did i know..he was..cheating..i have to get out of here..



marait 7amoud o i7na bil 6ireej ga3ed in8ane..

" tell me what do u see..when u lookin at me
On a mission to be,what im destined to be,
I ve done been through the pain and the sorrow the struggle is nothing but love
(Nothing but love)
I'm a soldier a rider a ghetto survivor and all the above"

a8wa i'3niya walla !!

wi9alna o ma kan fee a7ad ila 3 siyayeer 9af6een..nizalt o 7amoud kan waraaay..fita7t il bab o dashaiit o shift wa7da..tarkith to towards the door o ga3ed tabche..wait..waaait JAWAAA???? JAWA? laish tabche shfeeha..she saw he and gave me the meanest look ever..but why?? i was about to follow her wila ashouf mino ihya kanat ma3aah? SHOUG : shtabeee hathee ! akeed galatlaha shaaaaay.!

i went up to her o kint bamfijir min il a39ab..

if you wana hear the song that aziz and mohammed were listining to follow the link :D

Sunday, May 31, 2009

hope pt.26


aaaaaaaahhh bamout min il wanasa !..wa ahkeeran..the dream i dreamt all my life since i was a small and noonie always wanted to get married and live happily ever nothing can ever rewin this BB flashed the red light indicating that i have a msg, i went to see who was the msg from , i hope its aziz..oh God please make it from aziz , but was from a strange number..

0096598..- wakhray 3an aziz..hes with me..hes playing in your head..and u believed him..pshtt..typical..typical innocent girl.

WTF?! whos that..and what does she want should i tell aziz..i mean were kinda ingajed now..but WOOW!! wait a minutue what does she mean by "hes with me."

me- who are you and what do u want..?!?!?!

0096598..- im his wife to be hunny..! and if u dont believe me i have me tomorrow morning at starbucks 3daliya..and dont worry if u dont know me..i know u.

OK OK...SH9AYIIR !! 3ade a7ad ifahimne ish9ayiiir IM LOST.. who the fu*k is she!

msg from aziz- Gnite ya 3umri:*

AAAAAH KILISH MO WAGTA..shes telling me shes ur "wife to be." o itgoule ya 3umri ??

ya rab! what should i do know...and all this happen on my birthday..:( why !! i tryed to sleep but i couldent..i have to go to starbucks i mean what is it was a prank or shay? la la ay prank intay..kilish mo prank..i havent told anybody that aziz khi6abne..


aahh ma nimt 6oul il laiil ! rasi ib yinfijir min the party yesterday..

me: LIINDAAA..bring panadol please ! my heads gonna explode !

linda: OOOH WHAT HAPPEN! you noo sleepp?? o8ay o8ay i bring now.

i took the panadol and drank water..ok whats the plan now ya3ne..i text her wila shino??

me- what time should i be there..?

wila a8al min a minute my phone beeped..

oo96598..- now seems ok

I hurried and changed..aslan ma adre shlibast min kithir ma i was nervouse..

msg from aziz- GoodMorning sunshine..hows my angel this morning?:*

waaay :( laish ya rabi laish..ya3ne if hes lying to me i swear ill never forgive him..but i cant believe that person ila lama i see something that proves to that shes telling the truth. I got in my car and drove like a crazy person..wila i go in o ma7ad yane o wala 3araft a7ad. Until..someone came in..that face..a3arfe..hmm?? OOOH HATHEE !! NO WAY :O.....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

*BOO !

IM BAAAAAAAACK...ive missed u all so so so soo much :p..SO shlonkum..shakhbarkum..hows life?

i finished my exams ! woho...matsadgoun il ra7a ily ana feeha al7een..pheww. its been a longs 2 weeks of studying..la3at chabde ! ..instead of studying sometime i read blogs :p madre laiish..sij addiction!..and yes in the exams there was cheating and tibirshim..hehe bs ashwa ma7ad saw us..o itha they did we give them that lame excuse " NO MISS I WAS JUST GIVING HER THE WHITE OUT." good times..hopefully ill be posting today night or tomorrow morning la2na im helping my freind study geography :p

love you all !


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Heeey beautiful people i wont be posting for 2 weeks la2na i have finals :( .. 7ada mali khilg i study and all that stuff..UUGGH i wish i can just close my eyes then open them wila ana imkhal9a with all my finals..hehe thats never gona happen..and again sorry:*

wish me luck! of to study now:(

love you:*


Monday, May 4, 2009

hope pt.25

it was a night i will neveeer forget,ever!

"thank you so much babe..:*" to aziz

"anytime 7ayati..there's a surprise btw :p"-aziz

"hehe what ?? (A)"- to aziz

"3abalich 8abe ? its a surprise babe :D..go home and see ;) "-aziz

awal ma rikabt il sayara (the driver came to pick me up la2na my mom was still freaked out about the "acceident") .

me: yallaaaaaa patriic go home fast !!

patric: ok ok jawa..vat i do? FLY?

me: YES YES !

patric: ayooo ! ok ok vait 5 minitus we reaching to house.

me: fine :/

awal ma i went home my mom came to me runing ! i was like sisalfa 3asa ma a7ad 9aar fe shay?

me: haaw mama shfeech !!

she came and hugged me..ok this seems bad?..whats wroong !

me: MAMA tikalimay shfeech ga3ed it5ar3nny!

mama: waaay binty kbarat !


mama: gabel shway daagat 3alay wa7da kanat ma3ay bil jam3a isimha um aziz.


me: ee ee ok kamlaay.

mama: fa galat ina tabe ta56ibiich 5ag waladha !


mama: aziz Al m***** !

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !! that was the surprise ! THATS IT! umbaaih umbaaaih i cant breathe! aby maay WATER..i sat at the nearest couch.

me: mama ma-maay!

mama: weeh shfeech yuma ?? LINDA BRING WATER FOR JAWA.

i drank the water and started to breathe heavily..la2ne mo im9adga..o 6ab3an im happy !!

mama: ha shgiltay 7abebty?

me: wala madre mama..ily itshoiufeena.

mama: tara il walad 5oush wa7id min 3ayla mo7tarama..o wilni3im fgehum wala..o uma ana a3arifha o ham wilni3im feha..ana a36eech space now to think o ba3dain tell me.

me: inshalla mama.

awal ma i went up to my room i ran and juped on my bed ! i was happy..wila faj2a.

"ha shrayich bil surprise?:*" from aziz.

i called him..tooot..tooot

me: ALO!

aziz: hehe alooo..hala o '3ala.

me: inta nawe u kill me ilyoum 9a7?

aziz: hehe laiish smila 3laaiich !

me: *sikat..i felt shy shwaya*

aziz: fidait ily yisti7oun wala *mwah*

me: hehhee

aziz: did u like the surprise 7ayate?

me: mmm..

aziz: hehe lai7een mista7ya haa?

me: shako mingal

aziz: 7ayate intay ..can i ask you shay?

me: anything

aziz: will you be mine for ever?

me: yes..7abebe

aziz: ya3ne imwaf8a?

me: mmm.

aziz: HUH SHINO ANA GA3ED A7LIM?! the luckiest guy ever tadreen !

i felt him do a happy dance..7abeby wala:*...



i told my mom about jawa..o ina abeha..6a3an there were water works o il kalam like "waaaay wlaiidy kibar..wa25eeran bashoufiik mi3riis"

as soon as i told her she called jawa's mom to talk to her.

wila maraw like 5 hours then i called jawa la2na 3araft by then her mom had told her !

youm sa2alt'ha ina itha she'll be mine forever o galat ee ina a shy way ! i got up o did my small dance..sawatne as3ad wa7id ib hal dinya kilahaaaa! a7ibha o mo m9adga inha ra7 itkoun my wife to be!

Monday, April 27, 2009

hope pt.24


aaaaaaah !! aaa surpise parttyyyyy !! yaaaay. i went to hugg nooniiee

me: AAAAAH intaay shino?? thaankkk yoou ya a7laa noooniie ! I LOVE YOUU.

noonie: heheheh !! ana cham jooj 3indy? 7abebbty your deserve much better.

i went and said hiii to every one that was there ...God i missed my friends..we danced all night ! sij sij wanasaa. infiniityy was on and yess i couldent help my self..

me: GOOOOUMAAY !! yalla.

noonie: iiff karaht il song ib sibiitiich !!

me: comeon noonie bs ilyoum !! yala 3aad its my birthday *puppy eyes*.

noonie: hehe ok..shiftay ana shlone 6aybaa?

me: yeees wayeed !!

so we danced to infinity ! we seriosly had an amaazzing time! this girl had never eveeeer let me down :* i loove herr.

my phone vibrated from a msg from azoz:

"come outside..i want u:*" - aziz

"coming:*"- i sent

i went out side..i looked great..i was wearing a cute black dress..that was knee length..and my hair had big curls and i did the cute "hippie" styled head make up was simple..i had smokey eyes with clear lipgloss and blush..i looked pretty. i was walking towards aziz's car..wila i go in..

aziz: WOW!

me: whaat?

aziz: it..its

me: hehehe thankyou.

aziz: hehe o shino hatha ily on your head? rambo?

me: HAAAAY tara maytha7iiikk !! :/

aziz: hahahahahahhaha ya7ilwich wintay im3a9ba..i was look amaziiing birthday girl..shda3wa mako hug?

me: ee 3abaly ba3ad..*i leaned to give him one of my famouse huges*

aziz: i have something for my princess..

he pulled out a Cartier bag and handed it to me...awww

me: no no aziz i cant accept this.

aziz: cant accept it? jawa bala dala3..i love you and thats why i want you to have it 7abebty.

he opened the box o it was a rose gold cartier love bracelet..wich had a lock min wara..he put it on me and said..

"jawa..7abebty i love you with all my one in this whole world ever made me feel what you did..and no one will..jawa i want you..ana shareech o abeech to be mine..forever and for always..abe i wake up every morning 3ashan ajabil that angelic face of yours. jawa bima3na il kilma I LOVE YOOU! thats all i can say to put all my feelings for you toghether..i bought you this bracelet with a lock..3ashan you be mine when i lock it on your are my liife." he came over closer and kissed my head.

i was speechless i felt a tear slide down my cheak.."i love you to aziz..i love you alot..your my everything..wala ma7ad i7asisny ily inta it7asisny..when im with you i fell that im in a completely different world..a world that only has you and me"

aziz: 7ayatiii baba dont is your should be happy. * he kissed my tear*

me: thank you..thank you for everry thing..and noonie told me that you were at the hospital every dayy ..mashkoor aziz wala madre shagoulikk. *bent over again and huuged him and started crying*

i was crying beacuse i was EXTREMELY happy..i love him..adore him.

aziz: shh..khala9 7ayate dont cry..laa laa no need for thankyou's..your my life..i have to be by your side promise me something babe?

me: anything..

aziz: i want you go back in there and have the greatest time of your life..3ashane.

me: inshalla..min 3youni..:*..i love you.

aziz: i love you to my angel.

i got out of the car with the biggest smile on my face and touching my bracelet that he got for me..i went inside and noonie came runing to me.

noonie: il ibtisama shaga il wayh..shisalfaa ? :p

me: loook! *i pointed at my bracelet*

noonie: ishaawiig !!

me: hehe 7ada..aziz baught it from me..noonie a7iiba !

noonie: awwwww ya7laiila !! hes so sweet.

me: uuuff 7addaaa !

noonie: yala comeone juliet..lets eat yii3t ! :p

me: hahahahahah !! .. inzain yallaa.



Friday, April 24, 2009

hope pt.23

I really enjoyed that little moment i spent with ment the world to me.."he cares..he really cares.." i said to my self.

that momment me reema and aziz were just talking about random stuff..GOD I MISSED TALKING !

"In your arms I can still feel the way youwant me when you hold me

I can still hear the words you whisperedwhen you told me

I can stay right here forever in your arms

And there ain't no way..

I'm lettin' you go now

And there ain't no way..

and there ain't not howI'll never see that day....

'Cause I'm keeping youforever and for always

We will be together all of our days

Wanna wake up everymorning to your sweet face..always "

i was just remembering this song as we all talked..

as we were talking aziz excused himself for a while.

laaa2 laish biroo7 ! i want him ! i missed him :(..


Reema: *signaling me to look at her* aloo !! im talking to you!

me: were saying?

Reema: maa dont remember what you never forgot ??

me: hehe shiino goleely!!

Reema: your birthdaaayy bachher !! o intay ilyoum ib ti6li3een from this place ! *dances the happy dance*.

me: hahaha shakliiicch !! EEE SA7 :O tadreen ina 7ade nisaiit.

Reema: ' sis il 7ananah tinsa her thats to far.

me: *threw a pillow at her* yala chub !

Reema: a39aab :p ..

noonie: heey people :D..i brought food !

me: ee ee abee ! im starving!

noonie: adre ! 3ashan chithe yibta (A)..7ade life saver.

me: oooh bidaat il thiqa il zayda..yala give mee ! yo3ana!

i was never tasted better..i was still munching on the sandwich she brought me..yum yum yummy :p. I opened my mobile, and put it on the charger..wila faj2a it beeps with a msg from aziz.

"a7ibich;*" - azoz.

"amout feek;*"- i sent

"3ade ayee akliich?" - azoz

"hehe la2..ba3dain there wont be a jawa (a)"- i sent

"aha so your trying to act smart with me..ok fine 3ayal 3ade i bite you?;p" - azoz

"huush up :p"-i sent

"i can feel your face turning red..ya7alat ily yisti7oun wala:*"- azoz

shdaraaah ina wayhee 7amaaar ! hehe hes after 3 hours we packed up and decided to leave this place..la3at chabde i want my own room back. We arrived to the house and i jumped on my bed..and SLEPT ! i woke up to the sound of birds..i missed them..hehe kilyoum iga3douny min il noum :p. and yes.. ITS MY BIRTHDAAAAY WOHOO !

i went to the bathroom..did my busniess, brushed my teeth..washed my face and did a happy dance ! i went to the kitchen to make me a cup of warm milk with honey. i cheaked my mobile wila like 20 msgs sayiing "HAAPPYY BIRTHDAAAAYY..etc"

nizalt ta7at salamt 3ala ahle and yes !! they had the cake..presents ready for me ! aww.

"comeover ilyoum please" - from noonie

"inshallaa ;)"-jawa

me: mama tara ana barou7 3ind Noora.

mom: bs yawaiiliich in sigtay !!

me: haha ok.

so i went too noonies house at 6;00pm..wila awal ma adiishh...


if you wana listen to "in your arms" follow this link..its a MUST HEAR.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Heey beautiful people i just would like to put out that the story that im writing is 100% not true.its all things that i've just made up at the top of my head..and to tell you the truth i havent done any actions simillar to what i wrote..i have a hobby of writing so i decided to share it right here in the blogsphere world :) just a girl who likes to write stories.

-thanks for understanding:*


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

*whats on your mind?

so today im just home theres nothing to do , im just bored im sitting in my room and the sun is shining and im drinking my hot milk while listining to.. outta here..its a must here..7adha 3ajeeba :)

so tell me whats on your mind ?

while you tell me whats on your mind listen to it..i hope you like it:*

xoxo *R

Monday, April 20, 2009

hope pt.22


i called noonie 3ala 6oul to tell herr !

me: NOUROOO !!

noura: il nas may9arkhon chithe ya3ne !


noura: HUUH?? JAWA?? SHFEEHA !?


noura: *7asait il rajfa ib 9out'ha* AYSHAAAAAAAAAAAY !! YALA YAYAAAAAAAAAH

tot tot tot..she closed the phone without even letting me finiish ! aa9laan min 9out'ha 7ada imbayin like she was so wala mo kithryy !! i can fly min kithiir ma im H A P P Y !! all i could sayy was il7imdilla !! jawounty gamaaaaaaaaat ... after 5 mins of her parents being inside Reema came out for me ! yatne with the biggest hugg eveeerr ! 7adha mistansa !

reema: AZOOOOOOZ !!! *big hugg*

me: RAYOOOUUMM !!...ha shlone jawaa!

reema: aaahh il7imdilla shes great !!

mawa3aina ila faj2a noura yayah rakiithh !

noura: wainhaaaaa??

reema: yal maynoona :p dakhiill !

haha wala hal bint 6imasha bs tig3ad wit3ayib..ive knwon reema for 3 months now so i know her pretty well.

reema: yala aziz dish..

me: la la wain adish..uboch da5il.

reema: e yal thakii ! uhwa gale call him

me: ahhaa ya3ne ma kintay yayah itsalmeen 3alaay !!?

reema: hehe imbala and that yala come !

we went inside and when i saw jawa..lying there ! smilling..her smile..aaa55 galbe wigaaf ! it was the best moment in my life..she was smilling at that was all that mattered to me..salamt 3ala umha o obooha then i went straight to jawa !6ab3an kan widy afa8i9ha o alamimha o abawisha :p bs i couldent ! wila faj2a..

her parents: i7na ray7een il bait inyeeblaha extra clothes..shwaya o raj3een.

YESSSSSSS !! i said to my self

as they went ii gave nouro the look..ina yala bakalim jawa :p haha

noura: yala reema o la6ouf..5ani6la3 shwaya !

so now it was me and jawa ALONE ! first time alone for 3 WHOOOOOOLE MONTHS !!
i brushed my hands 3ala her cheakes and whispered "7imdilla 3asallama 7ayate"

jawa: allaa isalmiik 7abebee!



wa akheeran im awaaake il 7imdilla !! ive miisssssed him so muuccchhh ! hes gotten thinner..maskeen..gabel la idiish noonie told me ina kan mawjoud ihne KILYOUM for the past three months and reemo and la6ouf ta3arifawv 3alaiih..i was SO happy for what he did..sij kibar ib 3ainy..he came in and i was just lost with his sharp..dark..thick eyelashed eyes.

me: ive missed you..

aziz: wala mo kithry

i just couldent i tyhrew my arms on him and a baby..i cryed because i was awake..i cryed because no guy ever treated this way i cryed because i..LOVED HIM.

aziz: laa baba laish tabcheen *held my head with his to hands and my face was facing him*

me: because i..i love you so much.

aziz: 7ayaate intaayy..i love you akthar..amout feech..intay ma tadreen sh9aar feeny youm you were in an coma ! a9laan MIT..*kissed my tear..and hugged me*

me: hehe 7abeby inta

aziz: *with the biigest smile* shakle mane imkaleech you drive agaain !

Reemo: ee777mm !!

me: ohooo !! yaat il fara!

Reemo: ya3ne inshalla mo jidamy your " lovey dovey momments"

me and aziz started laughing at what she said..hehe sij teenager :p bs a7ibhaaa !


i love you alllllll !!:*

xoxo *R

Thursday, April 16, 2009

hope pt.21

IM BAAAAAACK :D ... i missed uu all..hehe adre 7adeeee 6awalt bs i was on my break..comeon now :p i was just having fun :$..anyways im, sorry my beautiful people :)

love u all..

xoxo *R


its been exactly 3 months 3ala hal 7ala..i came to the point that i felt that there was no hope..that there was no way that she would wake up..that i would never see her hazel eyes stairing at me..that ill never even hear her soft silky voice saying my name..ever.

in these past 3 months i didnt cry..i tryed to be strong..for her and her sibblings..until today..i was all alone with her in the empty was dark..i could feel the cold breeze coming from the AC..i touched jawas was so cold..i held it against mine and rubbed it..i rested my head on the right side of the bed..i rested it and i was just thinking about she was full of felt a tear slide down my left cheak..i felt the burn in my eyes as the tear slid down my face and made a stain on my shirt..i wiped my cheaks and looked at my hand.."those are tears" i said to myself..

me: jawa..please goumay..allah ikhaleech jawa..*sniff* ya rab itgawimha bisalama..ya rab .. ya rab..(gumt ash'hag)..jawa..7abebty i love you..adre i never told you this but i do..yourmy everything..your the air that i breathe..i miss you like the desert misses the rain..i miss you like a child misses its lost teddy..i need you..your the thing that keeps my storng. (ash'hag again).

i now that there was no use of saying all this la2na theres a chance that she wouldent hear me..but i had to i just had to..

that moment i was still holding her hands and resting my head on the side of the bed...faj2a chan a'3fe shwaya..i felt someon rubbing my jently..i didnt bother to wake up la2na i knew ina i would see jawa's face and it would tair my heart.

a voice: mmm .. a-az..

me: *didnt even look up*

a voice: zezzz....

me:*looked up*

WHAAAAAAAAAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA???????? MY JAWA???????? JAWA ? JAWA?? thats her thats her voice ..her eyes..her touch.

me: JAWAAAAAAA??? 7abeeebty !! *started sobbing..hugging her*

jawa: *she couldent even talk* w-were am i?

i rushed out the room to the doctor.

me: *in the loudest voice ever* DICTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR ! GAMAAAAAAAAT !! GAMAAAAT !

Dr: mino ily gam?


Dr: huh?..jawa?..nurse Dr.ahmed at once !!

he rushed to jawa's room and closed the 5alone adish..after 2 mins the other doctor came..later that day her came..i didnt go in.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hope pt.20


it was all the same for about a month..jawa hasent woke up daily rutine everyday was jam3a jawa..jam3a jawa..i visit her everyday..her mother never left her side so i coulkdent actually go inside the room to see her..her face..everyday reem added lebello cherry chapstick on jawa's lips to keep them from getting dry..sij hal youm kbaraty ib 3ainy..i never saw such a caring sister..mashalla 3alaiha..allah iwafigha.

i was facing the wall just thinking..then a i heard a voice..

um jawa: aziz?

me: h-hala khalte

um jawa: aziz laish matrou7 il bait itrayii7 yuma? ga3ed chithe min il sib7..wala mo zain 3ala 9i7itiik...tit3ab chithe

me: laa khalte ta3abkum ra7a..ana ga3ed miny 3ashan itha i7tijtay shay.

um jawa: inzain ta3al dish da5il..ga3ed bara laish.

me: la khalte mala da3ee..may5alaif wala mirta7 hnee.

umj jawa: laaaaa2 mako..ra7 itdish tig3ad da5il.

me: *smile* ily iray7iich khalte.

dashaina da5il..wila she was just sleeping there..galbe kan ib yi6la3 min kint adre love of my life was just lying there..and looked so beautifull..just like an angel..wila i saw her lips..they wernt all..allah i3afe rayouma..i sat with her mother to keep her company o ga3dna insolif..while we were talking, dash uboha..S H I T ! walaain tiwahagtt !

me: isalaam 3alaiikum..*shaking his hand*

ubo jawa: wa3alaiikum il salam

um jawa: bu3abdili6eef hatha zameel jawa biljam3a..mar 3alaiha ishoouf jawa isma aziz al m*****

obu jawa: hala wala..7ayallah min yanah..shlonik yuba?

me: b5air allah isalmiik 3ame ..inta shlonik?

ubo jawa: wala il7imdilla

me: yala ma3alsalama..ana asta2thiin.

um jawa: laaa waaain?

me: la wala khalte 3indy jam3a.. ba3ad tadreen.

um jawa: ee wee allah i3eenik o allah iwafgiik..salim 3ala umik.

me: inshalla khalte you9aal..yala 3ame ma3alsalama..tamroun 3ala shay?

ubo jawa: la salamtik yuba..allah ma3ak.

i went out and actually was surprised .. ina ubo jawa's reaction kan 3ade o mu im3a99ib..thank God.

i texted reema o tell her iny tawne 6ali3 min jawa o ina i saw her dad..she called me 3ala 6oul !!

Reema: you saw ubooy??

me: haha eee laiish shfeeech???

Reema: o-o ma 9ar shayyy?

me: laa2 reemo shfeech ma 9ar shay..laiish?

Reemo: oo5 ' dad wasnt that "type" yimkin he liked you :p

BTW ya nas reema new ina i was inlove with jawa..

me: sij? ma hagaita ..he was kind o 3ade.

i closed it from reema..

I MISS JAWA..walhaan 3alaiiha walaah mo 6abee3y..ive been so lifeless bidounha..i want to hear her voice..WALA I DO..kilyoum i expect inha she wakes up..but she dosent

Sunday, April 5, 2009

hope pt.19


the doctor came in ..we all stood up.

me: ha dictoor 3asa ma shar? laish mo ga3ed titkalaam ? laiish siakiit?

he was quite and was looking at the floor.


dr.: um..allah 7ifath'ha bil al7een shes in an..

dr.: coma.

hnee ana madre sh9ar feeny..irkaby ma kanaw ga3ed isa3douny..i felt like something stabbed me..really hard..while noura feel in the ground crying non-stop and mohammed to calm her down..her parents lail7een ma yadrooun what happened to there daughter..since i cant talk to them o noura was crying so hard fa magdarat titkalam we let the doctor call.

dr dailing um jawa..

Dr: aloo?

um jawa: alo na3am?

Dr: 7athritiich um jawa?

um jawa: ee ana um jawa..5air? ( she senced something was wrong )

Dr: wala madre shlone agouoliich bs jawa kanat ib 7adith..

um jawa: SSHINOO ?? BINTY JAWA IB 7ADIITHHHH ?? *tears coming down her eyes* waiinha !! shfeeha ?? 3a6ne akaliiimhaaa !! waaaay bintyyy!

Dr: ana asif iniich tismi3een hal khabar bintinch in '3ayboba.

um jawa: *MAJOR SOBBING* BIIIIIINTYYYY !!!!!!!! aa--aaa-ay MUSTASHFAAA???

Dr: hadaay ..inshalla mako ila il khair..ta3awithay min ibliis o inshalla allah igawimha bilsalama..Dar il shifa.

awal ma the doctor kalam um jawa..yanah the doctor..

me: h-how did she take it?

Dr: bad

me: la7oulila...ok dictor 3ade adish ashoufha..wila a6il 3aalaiiha please.

Dr: la ya a5 aziz..tawna imsaween the 3amaliya.

after 5 mins um jawa o ubo jawa o her 2 sibblings.

um jawa was crying like crazy..maskeena i dont blame her..her small sister ga6a3at galbe..o her brother ga3ed i7awil yamsik bachwita (ya3ne ana ily kibart o ma abche kind..thakarne feeny wana yahil)..o ubooha wayha a9faar..noura ra7at lihum o hugging jawa's mom so tight.

noura: maykhaliif khalte..hadaay..shh..shhh..*she said while rubbing her back to calm her down*

um jawa: b-b-bintyy * sobbing *

her father went to talk to the doctor in private while me and 7amnoud were sitting in chairs..noura and jawa's mom came over to us..we stood up.

noura: khaltee..hatha aziz al m****** and mohammed al g****** ma3aaha bil jam3a o ma3ay ana ba3ad.

noura: aziz awal wa7id shaf jawa bil 7adith o uhwa kan wiyaha bil as3af.

i kissed her head.

um jawa: mashkoor matga9ir wlaiidy..ana kila agoulaha "ya jawa laa itdouseen.." bs mako fayda..o hathe nahayat ily idoos.

me: la khalte hatha wajiib..intay amray amir..inshalla mako ila il khair o allah igawimha bisalama..

6la3at ina umi o um jawa were friends in highschool..ga3dna insiloif wiyaha to let her forget the sadness shwaya.

i decided to go home and to take a shower o come back.

gabil la a6la3 nadait Reema and Abdulatif..jawa's sibbnlings..they both came to me..since Reema was az8ar min ywaisif(my brother) ib sina..i knew shlone atfaham wiyaha and abdulatif was it was the same age ta'3reeban.

me: hala reema hala bushmaiis..shlonkum?

Reema: zaina *looking down ..her eyes were filled with tears..she looked like jawa so much COPY bs 3ala smaller version*

Abdulatif: 7imdilla zain.

me: shoufaw abeekum u help me with shay..o i cant do this alone ok?

both of them: ok..

me: if jawa was in a coma mo ma3nata ina ma tisma3kum..o ma it7is feekum..kilyoum gi3daw solfaw wiyaha..i promise you that she can her he but she wouldent reply back..can you both do that for me please?

Reema: akeed she can hear us?

me: akeedain ba3ad..ha bushmais shgillt?

abdulatif: inshalla akalimha kilyoum.

me: see i knew i can depend on you both now here's my number AYSHAY tabouna you call me and ay wagt mashee?

Reema: mashkoor wayiid aziz..wala your helping alot..o inshalla if anything happens ill contact you.

abdulatif: mashkoor..inshalla adig 3alaiik..but please can you come more often?

me: la reema no need for than you's and you to ana yay rayi7 il bait a5ith shower o ayeekum..ill bring bored games wiyay to keep you company.

finally i saw a SMILE on there faces.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

hope pt.18

APRIIIIIL FOOOOOOOOOLS !!! :) .....i hope u had a good one with all the pranks :p

i missed u all so much my beautiful people :*

enjoy the post..

xoxo *R



"yadre ina asbab tha3fe nathritaaa...yadre iny ma a8awiim tha7kiitaaa..yadre ina il rou7 ma ti'3llah 3alaiih..yadre ina il rou7 ma ti'3llah 3alaiih..lo da3aha jet alabee da3witaa"

i was singing with majeed wana bil 6ireej heading to see jawa ....ah jawa..wala iny walhaaaaan 3alaiih ! widy akilha :p those eyes !! that smiles ily it5aleny ansa kil hmoumy..a555

wana bil 6ireej shift as3aaf o 7osa.. "la7oulila" i said to my self.. i didnt see the accident la2na kan fee as3af o nas wayid o imsakreen 3ala the injured person..wala yaksiroun 5a6re ahalhum..ya3ne lo a7ad da3am o la sama7 allah tiwafa..ba3dain his mother or father would get a phone call saying that your sun or daughter is shi3our KILISH mo 7ilo.

youm 9ifa6t o trying to look for jawa's car o ma ligait'ha wila adish da5il coffee bean wila ihya mo 7a6ait eedy ib mo5baty to get my mobile to call her..wila 6ala3 ina nasyy mobily bilsayara..i got out of coffee bean to my car..6ala3t il mobile wila gabel la i dialed jawa's number .... WAAYHI IN9IFAAAAG !!!! china a7aad ma36eeny 96aar !!


ga3edt arkiith .. runing to the 7adiths place ! wila ashouf jawa 7abebty !! kilha dam !..ihne my reaction kan numbness ma a7is ib shay o arjiif !!


the ambulance guy: haddy o5ooooy !! bs la2na shes loosing alot of blood..lazim nan6ir lama it stops shwaya 3alama inwadeeha il mustashfa !!


the ambulace guy: lat7awil shes unconsiounce .. ma ra7 tismi3iik


rikabt ma3ahaa il ambulance..wil dam3a mo rathya itfariig 3ainy..kila miny !! kila minyy !! laish gitlaha tiyee coffee bean laiish !!..ya rab yaaa rab mat5aale shay i9eer feha ya rab itgawimha bisalama... wala madre shlone a4eesh bidounha..ya rab ta5ithny gabil la ta5ithhaa..

we arrived to dar il shifa o da5ilouha the operation room.. ma 5alony adiish..

nurse: sir cant come inside


nurse: im sorry sir but you cant..we'll tell you how things go in a while.

gabil la atkalaam ..she left

i called noura..

noura: aloo..

me: a-aloo

noura: hala 9outiik? 3asa ma shaar

me: jawa..jawa..she was in an accident ! o ana bil mustashfa al7een..da5ilooha the oppertaing room


me: ib dar il shifa

after 5 mins ma wa3ait ila noura yayah ma3a 7amoud

noura: waaaiinhaaaa?????? *cryiing so hard*

mohammed: noura hadaay 7abebty..*while hugging her to try to calm her down*

she just kept crying and crying on 7amoods chest..maskeena ga6a3at galbe.

mohammed: haa 3zoz..shgal il dictor?

me: wala still ma adre..da5iloha the opperation room..o ma galaw shay.

mohammed: yala 5air inshalla...intaw athnainkum hadaw..o allah igawimha bisalama inshalla

noura: i--inshalla * sniff *

me: inshalla

noura: wala..w-wala lo i9eer feha shay madre shlone ba3eesh..*snif..sniifff*

mohammed: 7abeebty ..latgouleen chithe...ta3awithay min ibliees

after 2 hours of silence..

the doctor came in..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

hope pt.17

AAAH should i pick up..la2na he seemed angry at me :s aaah stupid stupid jawa ! shlone itgouleen chithe jidam u5oo !! '3aba2ee mo 6abee3y..

me: a-aloo

aziz: jawa?

me: um..hala sor..

aziz: la la 3adi i understand !! bs joj kilish ma kan la da3ee ! o ywaisif mo yahil..tara yifham ib hal swalif.

me: please sami7ny..wala ma kan 8asde..o int fahim hal shay.

aziz: ee i understand 7abebty..khala9 dont worry about it.

how can i not love him ya nas? i mean comeon ! hes sweet..caring o most of all he understands me ! ya3ne 3araf ina ma kan 8asde asawe or act that way..anyways we finished first year of jam3a .. i heard aziz saying ina bikamil dirasta in LA bs i just ignored la2na ma fita7 il mawthoo3 wiyay.


me: 9abaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa7 il khaiiiir !!

aziz: a777 athounyy !! hahaha 9aba7 il ward ya3ne inshalla il nas may9arkhoun chithe.

me: hehe sorry was i too loud ?? tara ive missed u !!

aziz: heheh me too 7abebty !..yala coffee bean?

me: yallaa ! ill be there in 15 mins

i took a quick shower while thinking about aziz:*.. i want him to be the father of my children i want to get old and start a new life with him..and only him.

i wore my orange chloe` dress and my wafferers with my marni bag and gladiators..i added lipgloss and eyeliner only..i looked umm..morning-shh..hehe :p
while i was heading down the staires i saw my mom and uboy o my sibblings ga3deen..uboy 6ab3an ga3ed yigra jareeda my mom was watching some cooking show my sis was on the phone o my bro was with his psp..hehe just my typical family.

me: 9abaa7 il khaaiir ya a7la family !

mom & uboy: hala 7abebty 9abaa7 ilnoor !

sis: shhh im on the fone !!

me: mo wagtiich !! ..yala mama ana ra7ya coffee bean ..tamrouny 3ala shay ??

sis: eee !! abe ice blended with chocolate sauce

mom&dad: la 7abebty salamtiich bs la6aween.

me: inshalla ..BYE !! :D

awal ma rikabt ilsayara..and had INFINITY on oo the volume was a3la shay and singing me heart out !!


God i love that song..

i was driving VERY FAST ! la2na the song kept me GOINGGGG !!

and then ... ma athkir shaayy............ it was all BLANK.



shit shit shit !..i decided to meet up with her to tell her iny basafir akamil dirasty ib LA..ppl told me that she heard bs never brought up the mawthoo3..anyways i have to tell her today..tisaba7t o khala9t i wore my A&F swaetpants with a white crisp polo..i hopped in my car and drove off to coffee bean.